Wednesday, April 26, 2017

BAMN Are A Violent Cult

Sargon of Akkad discusses the violent, militant cult BAMN and its leaders. Remember, Jesse Arreguin, the mayor of Berkeley, CA, is a member of this organization and they mutually support each other.

If you watched the Jack Posobiec and Stefan Molyneux discussion, then you'll remember how Jack discussed that the Yellow Light communists are very likely the manipulators of the Red Light communists.

After watching Sargon's video, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to suspect that some those in BAMN (most likely their leaders) are also Yellow Light AntiFa and are manipulating Red Light AntiFa - as discussed in the previous video.Yvette Felarca is clearly willing to attack people (red light behavior), and the other leaders are capable of manipulation and brainwashing, as seen and discussed in this video.

Antifa Violence Exposed | Jack Posobiec and Stefan Molyneux

Jack Posobiec came to the same conclusion I did about AntiFa's dehumanization of their political opponents. However, what I didn't know was the origin of AntiFa, which originated in Italy under Mussolini and it was used to grow communist control. This reinforces my suspicions that AntiFa are purposefully agitating for violence in order to become martyrs, but for far more sinister reasons than I originally thought.

Monday, April 24, 2017

On the Berkeley Riots is once again breaking news and breaking hearts. Who's hearts? The left's.

Do you remember how the police stood down during the Berkeley riots? Did you ever wonder why? Well, has found out why.

I won't steal their work. I want to promote it. Go read it.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Violent Left

There is so much I want to say about the violent left, but I don't know where to start.

Lets start with what scares me. AntiFa is a faction of anarcho-communists, who stand against fascism - or at least their definition of fascism. AntiFa is probably, currently, the most active and violent factions of the left in the US (at the very least they're getting the most attention). Their violence in it and of itself doesn't scare me, that just pisses me off. No, what scares is the mentality of the AntiFa, and the consequence of that mindset.

A few years ago I read a book, On Killing by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman. In his book, Grossman describes how the military used two main tactics to increase the kill rate of their troops. These two tactics are to dehumanize the enemy and to create distance. We can see how AntiFa dehumanizes their opponents in the way they call them fascist or Nazis - the most hated group in history. They then promote, encourage and celebrate punching Nazis, creating a feedback loop. Just like the military that awards, encourages, and celebrates when their soldiers kill their enemies.
AntiFa celebrate punching Richard Spencer who they claim is a Nazi.

Humans have strong inhibitions against killing other humans, but not so much for non-humans.

The next tactic is creating distance. During the wars, the military noticed that the soldiers who had the easiest time killing were the ones furthest from the front lines - artillery men, bombers, and the navy to name a few. The reason for this, they hypothesized, was because of their distance between them and the consequences of their actions.

We can see this too in the behavior of AntiFa. They use mask, anonymity, and groups to create psychological distance (what Grossman called emotional distance), and then they use flag poles, bricks, M80s, bats, and pepper spray to create physical distance. All this helps remove them from the consequences of their actions.
Flags and bats, their preferred weapons.

These two tactics serve to lower people's inhibitions against killing humans, and you can see how easily it has served AntiFa to cause violence. Their violence has yet to kill anyone, but they have come close when they knocked a man unconscious and continued to beat him.

It gets worse. These anarcho-communists are SJWs, and what we know about SJWs is that they love to be the victims. How is this worse? Because as communists, they see themselves as revolutionists, and what is the ultimate victim: a martyr.

All of the recent behavior of these communists falls under what the law would call an imminent threat of serious bodily harm, and or death, which justifies the use of deadly force for self-defense.

I think this is their end goal. They want to die as martyrs in their "revolution" in order to swing favor away from the right and thus regain the power and control that they've lost. When the left turned to violence, they lost the argument, and violence is all they have left to regain what they lost.

They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We came, we saw, he died - now we suffer the consequences.

Do you remember how the Obama administration overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya, back in 2011?

No? Let me remind you:

That was then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responding to questions about Libya and Gaddafi's death.

The death of Gaddafi and the toppling Libya's government has been directly linked to the migrant crisis.

As you're well aware, the migrant crisis has been causing numerous problems for the western world. There have been riots, fires, terrorism, and many other crimes. It's a huge societal and tax burden on the citizens.

Now, because of the migrant crisis, slavery is back. 152 years ago, the USA ended slavery, and now the US Government has brought back the African slave trade. All because the US government overthrew one government. Think about that.

Everything is connected, and our actions have consequences; unfortunately, it can take years for us to see.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap

Paul Joseph Watson criticizes modern art and points out how it pushes a far left narrative. He compares this to Soviet Russia's Socialist Realism, a type of art that portrayed the Russian Dictators and Communism in glowing, vibrant colors.

I wanted to share this, because it's very similar to what Vice is doing in their current series A Smarter Gun - especially with their short fiction.

I highly doubt that Vice is telling its authors to write pro gun-control fiction, but what is more likely is that Vice is choosing their writers based on their proclivity of supporting gun-control. In this way, they're using art (storytelling) to push their disarmament ideology and further erode gun culture. This is very much like Socialist Realism, but instead of glorifying, it's trying to ruin.

It's amazing how this meme has spread and evolved for use in other niches, and it's important to point this out so you can see it for what it is and act accordingly.