Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Review of Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant

I haven't read many westerns. In fact, I've only read two. Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant is one, and it's good.

The other western I've read is Hondo by Louis L'Amour.

Peter Grant compares favorably to Louis L'Amour, and I would say that he is, at least, on par. At this point, the only thing that L'Amour has over Grant is shear quantity.

Brings the Lightning follows Walt Ames, a former Confederate cavalryman, who is trying to find his purpose in life after the Civil War. Ames' search takes him across the USA to the Utah territory, a journey that is fraught with danger and opportunity. Each hardship that he overcomes brings him closer to his goal and his purpose. But, as you can see by the subtitle of the book, that this is only the beginning.

Grant is a good writer, and the book is well paced, and it shows that this time period is something he is both knowledgeable of, and passionate about. The characters and the plot are both good. None of the characters feel like tropes, and all of them get enough time to flesh them out and for the readers to care about. While the plot could be considered a bit a-typical, it isn't inappropriate for the period and place, nor is it boring - as I stated the journey is full of adventure.

If you're interested in westerns, if you like Louis L'Amour, or if you're looking for something new and never read a western before, I highly recommend Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant. It is an entertaining tale and enjoyable journey. I look forward to reading book 2, as soon as I'm done with my current reading list.

Brings the Lightning is available on Amazon.com and is published by Castilia House.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Ugly Truth About DACA

By Stefan Molyneux.

Want to know the truth about DACA? Watch this video. Watch it in its entirety.

Meanwhile, attempted border crossings have increased. Allowing amnesty will trigger chain immigration. It will also cost up to $115 billion - that's money that could be spent building the wall.

Breitbart isn't the only one talking about the negatives either, there are plenty of articles on both side.

What are the positives if DACA is allowed to stay? There is none. Unfettered immigration will fundamentally change the USA - just like it's changing Europe. There is no magic dirt. Illegal aliens aren't here for our benefit, they're here for theirs, and theirs alone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Review of Hitman's Bodygaurd

Hitman's Bodyguard is an un-apologetically fun movie. Ryan Reynolds gets to play the straight man, while Samuel Jackson get's to be the zany, fun guy - and it works! The supporting cast are also good, from Salma Hayek and Elodie Yung to the guys who play the goons.

It is by no means a perfect movie. There was a weird choice in how they lit some of the shots, where the light just blooms in a surreal way. There is also a scene where the music is just too loud - that may have been the theater's fault. Some of the CGI also isn't great.

Despite all of that, this movie had me laughing. The role reversal between the two stars was a good decision, both actors genuinely appeared to be enjoying themselves. Salma Hayek is hilarious despite her few scenes. Elodie Yung is good, and did a good job.

Thankfully, there is very little political correctness, feminism, or SJW bullshit in this film. Hayek's character kicks the ass of every single patron during a bar fight, but it's so over the top, it can' be considered anything but comedy. Yung's character also has a good fight scene that accurately enough portrayed the real life physical differences between men and women. Reynolds' and Jackson's fight scene is well choreographed and well shot, and was fun to watch.

Additionally, the attention to detail was quite good as well. While it probably contained dozens of tropes, it didn't seem like it. The actions scenes were good, the comedy was good, and the chemistry between the cast and creators was also good.

Overall, it's a good movie. Set your expectations low, accept the fact that this film is pure fun and was intended to be pure fun, and you'll have a good time laughing your ass off. This is a movie I definitely recommend!

It's been a few weeks...

Since I wrote anything here. I haven't written anything for this month yet, either.

What have I been doing?

Working on things. Things that don't directly benefit this blog.

I can't sustain the rage that prompts my writing on here. I can't sustain the fear either. What does that leave?

Love, but that requires that I love writing this blog. Writing this blog was only ever intended to allow me to have a voice. I have a voice, and thank you all for reading. This would also require me to love my readers - although the statistics on the back end of this site demonstrate that people have read my blog - I don't have any connection with you readers.

Also since this blog lacks any kind of focus, it inherently lacks purpose.

Much to think on, I have.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Review of Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant is a visually beautiful, dark-comedy of errors. Yes, that's right, AC is not a horror film, nor an action film, it is a sci-fi themed comedy of errors.

Sure, it has its action, and attempts at horror, but ultimately, it's a comedy. Unfortunately, Ridley Scott isn't known for his comedies.

The laughs begin with the opening scene, when David smacks down Weyland, and we learn how ignorant and arrogant it is to construct a machine that thinks it's perfect. After this otherwise boring opening scene, we are introduced to the Covenant, a colony space ship headed to some earth like planet. The ship is hit by an energy wave, which kills several crew, including the captain.

This is the next big laugh moment. You see, the captain is in his stasis pod, and he somehow catches fire. What do the supposedly highly intelligent, highly trained crew do in response? They attempt to the smash open the pod and free the captain. This is hilarious because there is fire burning inside the pod, that if released would threaten the ENTIRE ship and rest of the crew. Why not just starve the pod of the oxygen it apparently has.

We later see the charred corpse of the captain being hauled on a body bag. Not in a body bag, on the body bag. Why? A few seconds later we see that the body bags can be closed around corpses. Why wasn't the captain's corpse in the bag? Well, the scene is supposed to make you feel bad, but there wasn't any emotional attachment to the character to begin with, so it's as tragic as seeing a background character die. Terrible, yes, but no-one the audience cares about, so the emotional weight is lost and it just serves to remind us this crew is actually quite stupid - after all, they can't figure out body bags on the first try.

Next we see the new captain say: "No funerals! Fix ship first!" Bullshit, because we see a funeral for the dead captain, again, maybe minutes later, and funerals take like all of a few a minutes. Hilarious.

Then we get the plot hook. Shaw (from Prometheus) sent out a signal, and it leads to ANOTHER Earth like planet on the way to their destination - what are the odds? Also, what are the odds that a energy wave would intercept the ship at just the right moment for them to pick up Shaw's signal, AND be reasonably close to this planet?

Because this new planet looks good too, the new captain decides to go check it out - most likely breaking all of his contractual obligations with his employer and with the crew.

So they go to this planet, and like complete rubes, they get out and explore it without any form of environmental protection. Again, for supposedly bright people, they're not so smart. Aren't there protocols they have to follow? Written procedures?

Of course, the scene is written this way, otherwise, no Aliens - right?  We then get the inevitable infection of crew members.

This leads us to one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie. One of the infected soldiers is brought back to the landing ship with two women, and stuck in the med bay. The back burster appears and one of the women traps the other woman in the bay with obviously dangerous creature. We are then treated to a Benny Hill sequence of slap stick comedy. The trapped woman slips and falls in a pool of blood and dies. The free woman runs off, gets a shotgun, but comes back to only slip and fall in the blood as well, then she tries to escape again, but gets her foot stuck in the door. She frees herself, and runs to the cargo bay. Here she jumps a flight of stairs, lands, and breaks her ankle. Then she gets a shotgun, fires wildly at the Alien and blows up the ENTIRE ship in spectacular fireball!

I laughed so hard. See, this works on many levels. One level that it works on, is that is subverts the Feminist propaganda that women are just as bad-ass as men, if not more so. They show us women freaking out, slipping in blood, mishandling a shotgun, and blowing up the ship getting themselves killed, all because they didn't follow procedure and wear fucking environment protection equipment.

There are more laughs after this, of course, but honestly, it's pretty stupid, and I only really wanted to talk about the above scene. Daniels, the main female lead is quite conveniently kept alive the entire movie, because of plot armor. She kills 1 Alien by wasting millions of dollars worth of equipment that they're going to need on their new planet, how much will that retard their colonization efforts? This again subverts Feminist propaganda.

In the end, it's an unintentional comedy of errors that's trying too hard. Pleasant to look at, but otherwise vapid.

If you haven't seen Alien Covenant, I don't recommend it. I honestly had to find this movie funny, and laugh at its flaws in order to stick with it. If you want to watch it, watch up until the landing craft blows up. You'll get some laughs and won't waste a full 2 hours. If you want to watch it to completion, open yourself up its hilarity and enjoy some good belly laughs.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Consistent Critic

Sargon of Akkad has been a consistent critic of AntiFa for months now (at least). He has a regular show, This Week in Stupid, that re-caps the events of the past week. This week's video is an excellent critique of AntiFa and its relationship with the media. Even provides a good idea on how o handle the AltLeft.

While Sargon is a liberal, and we disagree on certain things, I'm in full agreement with him when it comes to AntiFa and the AltLeft. They need to be stopped, and we need to call them by their true names:  terrorists. If you can't stomach to call them terrorists, call them criminals. Both are equally true.

Edit: If you agree with Sargon and I, and think that AntiFa should be formally addressed as terrorists by the US government, then you may to sign this petition.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cultural Erasure

The destruction of the statue in Durham wasn't the beginning. No, the cultural erasure of the West and America in particular started much earlier than that; although I'm finding it a hard time to define when.

Many people have already written about what the destruction of this statue means.

I see it, and I think of Germany.

Germany is so vehemently ashamed of its past as Nazis, that they're willing to import immigrants by the millions and erase themselves. Despite all of the wonderful innovations and contributions Germany has brought to the world.

I think of Paul Joseph Watson's video about modern art.

These leftists, these criminals, these vandals, don't even possess the decency to respect the statue as a piece of art. Why tear it down? Why not let some collector buy it? Why not hide it away in the private vault of a museum? What would they erect in its place - some statue of an androgynous, beastly non-person screaming into the sky? Probably just trash they want us to believe is art.

It makes me think of the USA.

We're importing migrants by the buttload. How long before the descendants of our founders are replaced by immigrants? Are we like the Germans, so ashamed of past that we need to erase ourselves? To that I say: FUCK THAT SHIT!

Yes, the USA has a fucked up history, so fucking what? EVERY country, EVERY nation, EVERY tribe of man, EVERY culture has a fucked up history. We have to accept that our nation made those mistakes. We have to accept the terribleness of those decisions. But we can't accept those mistakes and begin to grow from those mistakes if we erase the history and cultural significance of those decisions.

Look at how we have grown! Look at how we've learned from those mistakes! We've ended slavery, we invented the car, we invented the airplane, we invented the internet, we put a man on the moon, we put a robot on Mars, and so much more!

USA is the greatest nation in the world. No one else has freedom like ours. No one else has contributed so much to the world. THIS IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF! THIS IS SOMETHING WORTH PERPETUATING! WORTH PROTECTING!

I'm an American of the United States. This is my nation.

I won't be replaced! I won't be erased! I will not accept the Alt-Left's attempts to silence me!

I'm here to stay. I'm here to win.