Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump's Ban

Am I the only one excited about Trump's ban on trans serving in the military?


The military just avoided a logistic nightmare!

What logistic nightmare, you say? Well, let's get into that.

Boot camp would require 4 rooms per integrated (male, female, and trans) division of recruits. Why 4? Well, you can't really put a trans-woman (man into woman) into the female room. Most trans-women still have their penises. Boot camp actively discourages sexual relationships between recruits. The same is true for trans-men (women to men). Oddly, there are less statistic on the number of women who transition and keep their vaginas.

In boot camp, recruits are injected with numerous drugs - penicillin, tetanus shots, flu shots, and more. While most of these probably don't have any negative side-effects when interacting with estrogen and testosterone supplements, the military must still be prepared for possible medical complications - which will take time, resources, training, and money to research and put policy into place (we all know how wasteful the DOD is). There is also the long term consequences of men taking estrogen and of women taking testosterone.

This is also very expensive, and the taxpayers, through the military will be forced to pay for all of the trans' estrogen, testosterone, blockers, surgeries, and psychological care. The average cost of a US soldier is over $100,000 a year, with all of the additional care the trans will need, they'll cost even more.

Back to boot camp, when recruits are issued their uniforms on the first day/night, all of the men are gathered into one room, where they're forced to strip down, and put on their new uniforms. The same goes for women, but in separate room. For the trans, just like their living quarters, they will either need two new rooms for this process, or they'll have to wait until a room is available - adding time to the whole process. They then have to be segregated to trans-women, trans-men and ensure they get the necessary uniform items.

What physical fitness standards will they be held to? Trans-women will blow the low PT standards out of the water, while trans-men may struggle. We know this because trans-women are beating regular women in sports where they're allowed to compete against each other. The whole physical fitness standards must then be adjusted. Unfortunately, if lowered across the board, then we get fat, lazy soldiers who aren't fit to fight. Women and men are also measured differently for body fat percentage. Men have narrower hips than women, and this will be true for trans-women - if the trans are measured in accordance with their biological sex, then their "gender-preferences" aren't being respected.

Which brings us to the fact that trans-gendered people are delusional. Boot camp is an intentionally tough time, both mentally, and physically, and it's intended to weed out the weak. Compound the mental strain onto trans' delusions, and that's a recipe for failure - if not during boot camp, then after boot camp. Why set people up for failure?

I haven't even gotten out of boot camp, and I've demonstrated that this would have been a nightmare. The decisions that would've been made would have had far reaching consequences and long term costs. Considering that the active military makes less than 1 percent of the population, and trans make up about .3 percent - we were talking about catering to a fraction of a fraction of the population that were both trans and wanted to serve in the military. For what? The costs would've been ENORMOUS and I've yet to see any reports on how the military, and the people in general, would actually have benefited from paying this cost.

Oh, and for all the service members who want to fight back against Trump, fuck 'em. They're in direct violation of a lawful order, and Trump should dishonorably discharge anyone that doesn't follow his order, after they serve 2 years confinement.

Drain the swamp.

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