Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Connecting Dots

If you read my blog, you have may noticed that I like to post videos that I find are all linked together - either by theme or ideas explored. As I've stated, everything is connected. Today, I'm posting these videos and article in order, because I found particular similarities between "the beautiful ones," homosexuals, the lack of privacy and gay pride parades, the Last Man, Universe 25/Mouse Utopia and what is going on in Europe. I wanted to write more about these connections, but then I re-watched TL;DR's video and his ending, and realized he summarize quite nicely all of the other connections.

The last two videos, Black Pigeon Speak's video on CRISPR Gene Editing, and Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux's video on Sorting Yourself Out, represent possible solutions or hope for society through individual choices and the advancements in technology.

Just remember, as TL;DR explained, we must be careful when drawing conclusions from the Universe 25/Mouse Utopia experiment and humanity.

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  1. I changed the BPS video. I had originally shared the wrong one. This is the one I wanted to share which talks about gay pride parades in the US. I wanted this video to tie to TL;DR's video and the point about lack of privacy.

    All of BPS videos are good, and so is #Brave. I recommend you watch them all if you have the time.